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A Common Quest for Technology That Changes the World's Energy Consumption

XCT was founded in 2023 by three highly successful partners whose paths crossed via personal investments in oil & gas, green energy, digital infrastructure, enterprise software, and the global energy transition.  


Solar Power, LED lighting, VFD’s, HVAC optimization and building management software have been the historical needle movers in building energy efficiency.  While useful, these solutions are widely implemented providing a need for new technology to further improve energy efficiency in a material way. 


Power costs are increasing and the demand for energy has never been higher.  Additionally, the diversity of technologies sharing a common electrical network compounds Total Harmonic Distortion ("THD") resulting in the degradation of power quality and infrastructural performance.  Solving for this challenge, we identified XECO Energy Corporation and  honed the focus of our company.


In September 2023 XCT entered a partnership with XECO providing global exclusivity to commercialize their innovative technology and all future innovations.  Our partnership combines the complementary strengths of two incredibly talented teams to drive value and the gobal impact of XECO's breakthrough technology. 


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