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XCT is the exclusive global distributor of a proprietary, patented, & proven

Power Tuning Platform

that delivers

energy efficiency,

energy savings,

and carbon intensity reduction.


We provide investment certainty for proprietary energy efficiency and energy cost reduction technologies for corporations, governments and educational institutions by delivering proven and repeatable projects for large-scale industry-specific use cases.


We develop global distribution capabilities through established industry and financial partners in order to drive rapid technology adoption with repeatable industry use cases coupled with use-case specific financial structures. 


Through methodical project development and financial instrument sourcing, we aim to optimize our client's energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction to deliver maximum financial impact for our clients.


We are all about making you more energy and carbon efficient.   It’s our singular mission to help you save money and deliver a rapid return on investment.


Our company was founded on the belief that technology-based energy conservation is the foundation for achieving both financial and sustainability goals 

because the greenest kWh is the kWh you don’t use.


We make you more energy and carbon efficient by delivering a tangible and scalable technology platform that works.  



Co-Founder | CEO

Chad Freese

Chad is the co-Founder and CEO of XCarbon Technologies and a successful real estate executive, investor, and corporate director.  While serving as Executive Vice President at CBRE, Chad led the growth of emerging sectors  including Data Center Solutions and Life Science practices . Chad advises GH Power, nZero, and UncommonX, focusing on market development.  His expertise is sought by leading companies for portfolio restructuring and developing data center campuses globally.

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Benoite b&w 1.jpeg

Partner | CIO

Benoit Allehaut

Benoit is a founding investor in XCarbon Technologies and serves as our Chief Investment Officer.  With a twenty-five year career of success in leading investments in the global energy transition, Benoit is an advisor to several prominent financial firms and industry participants. Benoit brings to XCT partners and clients the ability to creatively structure energy efficiency financing.

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Co-Founder | Advisor

Chuck Cotter

Chuck is an advisor and investor in XCarbon Technologies with a 30-year track record of success in global enterprise software sales, biomass energy investment & development, and angel investment in emerging technology companies.  Chuck currently serves on the Board of Directors of Petro-Victory Energy and is the Regional Vice President of Key Accounts at Workday.

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