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Question:  What is minimal amount of data you need to provide a preliminary quote and scope?

Answer:   At least one monthly utility bill (preferably twelve for greater accuracy) that include the following data elements:


  • kW Peak

  • Total kWh

  • Billing Days that Month

  • Bill Cost

  • Number of Meters on Bill

  • Facility Voltage (480?)


Question:  Does your platform/technology have any size or infrastructural limitations?

Answer:  Yes, we only serve infrastructure that is 3-phase/600 volts or less. 


Question:  Does the radio frequency used in tuning affect any other building equipment or network performance?


Answer:  Our signal is a carrier current signal that does not radiate as it parallels the energy signal in the opposite direction of its flow within the electrical circuits.


Question:  Does your system require me to shut anything down for installation?

Answer:  Our system will use its own independent breakers (spare breakers where available) and will not connect to any equipment or motors.   Our system is designed to be on the “line side” of equipment operating in the facility.


Question:  How is XECO different than power factor correction equipment?


Answer:  Improving power factor conditions is a utility-facing effort to demonstrate that the amount of power being supplied is consistent with the amount being utilized.  This is done historically by capacitor banks which release energy in form of kVAR to smooth out fluctuations in usage to show a consistent relationship between energy supply and consumption to the utility.  


XECO’s platform yields a 99-100% “power factor” reading for the utility but it is achieving that by optimizing the flow, use and function of energy on the “demand side” of the network not the transformer or “supply side”.  By tuning the energy to 50 or 60Hz before a motor receives it and significantly reducing all upstream harmonics that flow out of the return side of the circuits the amount of energy consumed is aligned with actual need and wasted energy in form of harmonics eliminated.  This reduces the amount of energy used within the demand side of the network and creates savings in form of reduced consumption which power factor correction equipment does not.  The net effect of optimized power quality within the demand side provides for consistent draw and the highest power factor.


Question:  Does installation require building shutdown or equipment downtime?


Answer:  We never do building shutdowns.  We install on the line side of building infrastructure.  In a rare case where there are no spare breakers or fuse disconnects an individual piece of equipment or circuit may need to be briefly powered down but only for a few minutes.   We never shut down any equipment without customer approval and if it is not acceptable then we will modify the installation plan to identify another location within the network.  Otherwise, we do not require any system power offs or other shutdown/interference


Question:  We have already invested in capacitor banks do we need your platform?


Answer:  Yes.  The XECO platform uses Circuit Tuning and Power Filtering to optimize power quality and efficiency in a completely independent way.

  • Capacitor banks absorb and release power and require replacement every few years.  Our system tunes and filters power without needing repairs or replacements for 15 years. 

  • Capacitor banks only serve the network between the main switch gear and the transformer having no affect on the flow (supply) and use (demand) of energy within the building network. 

  • Capacitor banks are focused on supplying additional (kVAR) into a network to improve power factor at the transformer – not within a building's electrical network/demand side. 

  • Capacitor banks have no effect on reducing the energy consumption of the infrastructure drawing power on the demand side of the network. 

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