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Does Pure Power Frequency Matter?

YES! Power Frequency Matters!

Power frequency, also known as 'mains frequency', is the standard frequency at which alternating current (AC) electrical power is generated and distributed in most parts of the world.

The two most common power frequencies are 50 Hz and 60 Hz, depending your geographic region.

Let's use 60 Hz as an example:

  1. Sine Wave Power frequency is characterized by a sine wave. It represents the alternating voltage or current that flows through electrical circuits. A sine wave is a smooth, periodic waveform that alternates between positive and negative values.

  2. Periodicity In a 60 Hz power system, the sine wave completes one full cycle 60 times per second. This means that the waveform goes from its maximum positive value to zero, then to its maximum negative value, and back to zero in 1/60th of a second.

  3. Voltage and Frequency Relationship The voltage level of a power system is typically standardized at a specific value, such as 120 volts or 230 volts, depending on the region. The frequency (60 Hz in North America, 50 Hz in many other parts of the world) remains constant.

  4. Steady and Reliable - THIS IS WHY POWER FREQUENCY MATTERS! The power frequency (aka HARMONICS) is carefully controlled and maintained by power utilities to ensure a steady and reliable supply of electrical energy to homes, businesses, and industries using a standard Power Factor metric. Power Factor represents only half of the equation! While the power company delivers a clean and steady frequency to your facility, the complex utilization of power behind your four walls creates harmonic disruptions. Deviations from the standard frequency can lead to issues with the operation of electrical equipment. Harmonic 'noise' creates inefficiencies within electrical networks leading to increased (and unnecessary) power consumption and increased heat that leads to decreased equipment life.

Have you assessed the harmonics and Power Frequency behind the four walls of your facility?

There's a high probability that your power harmonics are operating outside of their pure 60 Hz or 50 Hz design. XCarbon Technologies consistently finds opportunities to reduce kWh consumption by 10-20% by deploying the world's most advanced Power Tuning platform that brings power inside your four walls back to its purest 60 Hz or 50 Hz design.

If your monthly power bill is over $30,000 per month, send us a power bill (, and we will give you a free estimate on tuning and savings potential.

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