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The Xeco Power Quality Platform is an integration of patented radio frequency based narrow band tuning line conditioners, programmable active power filters and a switch gear booster that improves resistance levels (impedance) and reduces reactive power levels and kVA consumption for inductive loads. 

This platform tunes the current of every circuit from the main switch gear to point of consumption to 50 or 60 Hz while shunting to earth ground at the transformer neutral line 51 odd levels of upstream harmonics as a switch gear booster manages and stabilizes voltage to optimize power factor.

Inductive motors receiving energy at 50 or 60 Hz run less intensely, generate less heat and optimize performance.  This has consistently resulted in reduced power consumption by up to 20% while also extending useful life and uptime of the inductive infrastructure.   Importantly, this platform is installed via spare breakers and/or fuse disconnects and not on any equipment directly to eliminate need to power off infrastructure or create operational disruption at installation or thereafter. 

Download Xeco Solutions Briefing Here 

Watch a "How it Works" Video Here 

XECO Active
Power Filter

The XECO Power Filter is a software controlled to shunt up to 51 levels of upstream harmonics to earth ground by up to 95%. The XECO Power Filter automatically adjust its filtering capabilities based on the current load and will adjust up or down in order to not add additional load to the electrical network. 

XECO 600 Line Conditioner

The 50 and 60 hertz line conditioner is used for narrow band tuning the SUPPLY harmonic levels. The additional waste then gets shunted to earth ground of the electrical network and the main transformers neutral line using the XECO Power Filter.

XECO Switch Gear
Power Booster

The XECO switch gear booster is specifically designed to manage and stabilize voltage while also having the ability to increase power factor levels to 98% and above reducing the need for additional kVAR like traditional capacitor banks and other legacy electrical solutions.

XECO Power
Quality Meter

Software and radio-controlled power quality 3-phase meter with high-speed continuous sampling. Class 0.2 revenue grade accuracy.

XECO Radio

Each XECO component includes a radio control device for managing the on and off controls for performance and validation purposes. A 3-phase power quality meter with a wireless data link for collecting real-time data to measure the results in real time, to allow for additional electrical network tuning under load is also incorporated into the deployment when necessary. Wireless gateways sync data to a hardened server appliance which is used for storing historical data with real-time EM and V tracking for proof positive savings through full scale reporting functions.

XECO Portal.jpg

XECO Software

Comprehensive visibility platform to monitor and report energy at a single circuit, meter, facility or portfolio level.  XECO software provides device monitoring and controls for device management and testing.

XECO Installation Diagram

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